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Leak Detection

We can help you reduce your energy use, save money, and prevent breakdowns with our leak detection services.

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Get an Accurate HVAC Leak Detection Service in Oklahoma City and the Greater OKC Area

Does the air coming out of your vents have a foul smell lately? Is your property not getting hot or cold enough? Those are signs that indicate your HVAC unit is leaking. Stop this problem from getting worse and work with our experts at JCM Specialty Services!

We’re HVAC leak detection specialists in Oklahoma City, proudly serving the greater OKC area. Our team of experts uses specialized equipment to identify where the leak is coming from. Count on us to deliver long-lasting solutions and prevent this issue from happening again.

Thorough HVAC Inspections You Can Count On

HVAC leaks are not something to take lightly. If left ignored, it can increase your monthly energy bill and pose a health risk. Worry less because our team is here to help. We use precise ultrasonic leak detection tools to uncover even the tiniest leaks. This device converts ultrasonic noise into audible sounds that the human ear can hear. Have the peace of mind you deserve knowing that your home is safe from fire hazards and other hazards!

This process includes:

  • Finding refrigerant leaks
  • Valve testing to verify isolation and operation
  • Test steam traps to prove efficient operation
  • Reduce operating expenses commonly associated with pneumatic leaks
Stop Leakages From Damaging Your Property

An HVAC leak isn’t just an inconvenience. It can cause serious damage to your property’s structure and lead to costly repairs down the road. Take advantage of our HVAC leak detection service today! Contact us if you live in or nearOklahoma City or the greater OKC area. Our technicians are trained to find leaks and help you avoid expensive repairs in the future.